Friday, 30 November 2018 Login - Nvidia Shield for Smart Home

Now Control Your Smart Home with Nvidia Shield

SmartThings Login: It is exciting and offers many comforts to have a smart home controlled by smart device. Nvidia Shield provides you such smart control that works with over 200 devices which include smart locks, doorbells, light bulbs, water valve, smart TV, speaker thermostats, etc to name a few. And the new devices that can be controlled are being added more and more! Here we will discuss on Smartthings link for NVIDIA SHIELD. Login

With recent Nvidia’s Shield Upgrade 6.0, your Shield can be used as SmartThings with SmartThings Link. If you  have an Nvidia Shield in your home, then you just need to buy SmartThings Link only. It is available cheap and you just have to plug in to your Nvidia Shield Steamer and your house can be turned into a smarter home. You have Google Assistant Smarthings App which you need to download and install. You can control almost all the devices simply with your verbal command.

How to Set up Nvidia Shield

In order to use Nvidia Shield smart functionality for your smart home, you need to set it up. It is a simple and quick set up process. You need to plug in a dongle and set up your account. Once set up, you can control almost all the gadgets in your home with simple commands. There are Shield’s Google Assistant simple protocols. It even allows you to set up Routines with automatic timers which will manage your smart home gadgets automatically according to the time set. Follow the steps given below on how to set up Nvidia Shield:

  1. You need to download and upgrade Shield TV software with at least 6.0 version. You can set up automatic download or go for manual settings upgrade. You will get prompts for upgrade for your controller and remote control if needed.  
  2. Get a Samsung SmartThings Link and connect it to the back of your Shield TV. You can also connect it using extension cord. 
  3. Download SmartThings app on your Shield TV as well as on your mobile phone. The app is available from Google Play store for free. You need to create your account. 
  4. Launch SmartThings App Shield.
  5. Add devices in your home to the app. The app will walk you through the necessary step for managing your gadgets.

Do little experimenting with the gadgets and it will be a pleasure to have smart home powered by SmartThings!

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