Monday, 18 June 2018 Trail: Free Hulu without Credit Card - Cancel the Hulu Plus Account

How to Get the Hulu Plus Free Trial without Credit Card

Hulu Plus trial no credit card and free hulu without credit card is most common question by users. With over a decade of excellence in services offering ace quality videos on demand, is now one of the most successful companies with a massive subscriber base in the US. There is lot to explore as a hulu subscriber. You can watch all previous episodes of the American TV series by over 350 companies and some really exciting movies by the content partners.

free hulu without credit card

Hulu offers a free one-month trial with 30 days validity to all eligible customers. You can access the contents on the PC only during the free trial. There are added benefits for the paid customers in terms of getting more contents, the option to see the favorite series episodes without ad breaks, choose any device to watch the TV programs and lots more. If you want to enjoy the Hulu Plus free trial without credit card, herein are some tips to get going with ease.

Ways to get the Hulu Plus Free Trial without Credit Card

  • Visit the Hulu website at 
  • Click on the green tab titled ‘Start Your Free Trial
  • You can choose any plan from the two available options- 
    • No Commercials Plan- $11.99 per month
    • Limited Commercials Plan- $7.99 per month
  • Once you click on the desired option, you will be directed to the account registration page
  • You can sign up with your Facebook account or fill in the details in the registration form with a valid email address
  • Once you enter all the details correctly, press the ‘Continue’ tab to proceed
  • You will be directed to choose a Payment Method
  • If you do not have a credit card or do not want to link it, choose ‘Express Options
  • You will get several options including the ‘PayPal Checkout
  • Login to your PayPal account to complete the registration process successfully

Cancel the Hulu Plus Account 

When you link the PayPal account, you will not be charged anything within the 30 days trial period. After that, Hulu will automatically deduct the payable amount depending on your subscription plan cost. You must cancel the account within the 30 days trial period. To cancel your account, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Login link at the top right of the Hulu homepage
  • On the Account dashboard, click the option ‘Cancel Subscription’ to confirm the subscription cancellation

Warning: You will get several ‘Premium Hulu Account Generator’ links online. These links often come with lucrative offers to enjoy the free Hulu account for lifetime period. Before you click on any such link, always ensure that you do not attempt any unsolicited link. Some such links contain malware and other malicious virus programs. Once you click the link, the program will download automatically on your device system. This can affect the functioning of your PC/ laptop or even steal confidential information on the device.

About Hulu Plus

The Hulu Plus is the paid subscription plan available to the users at $7.99 per month. This plan comes with advertisements when you watch the shows. You get access to all the TV shows but with ad breaks.

Watch old and currently running TV series by FOX, ABC, MGM, Paramount, Sony Pictures, MTV, Comedy Central and much more. Additionally, you can also watch shows by Hulu including A Day in Life, Spoilers, and Battleground etc.

You can watch Hulu Plus on several devices including Smart TV, Smartphones, Tablets, PC/ Laptops and gaming consoles.

Some Parting Words, 

You get to enjoy a lot with the Hulu paid subscription. Choose a package depending on whether you want to see the ads or skip them entirely. However, it is good to get started with the free one-month trial first to understand whether the subscription works best for you. Follow the above-mentioned guide to join the Hulu Plus free trial without credit card and have fun with the contents for the entire one month without paying a cent.

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