Thursday, 14 September 2017

App for Netflix - Get the Netflix Application for Mac, iPad, Android Tablet & Windows

About Netflix App for Mac, iPad, Android Tablet, ChromeBook & Windows

Netflix Android app provides media streaming services at a very affordable price of $ 7.99 per month. Subscribers can watch any television show or movie from the instant catalog. The app can stream videos through 4G LTE connection as well as on Wi-Fi. Here we will discuss on how to download Netflix App for Mac, iPad, Android Tablet, Chromebook, Linux, PC, iPhone, and Windows. Android user can visit Google play store for an application.

Netflix app for Android can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store for free. The navigation through the catalog is very user-friendly; it may differ little from device to device. The movie catalog Netflix offers is very extensive though it has some limitations such as it lacks new releases as well as some award-winning titles.

Netflix Launches New Universal App for Windows 10

Netflix Universal App for Windows 10

Netflix has launched a new edition of its Windows 10 app that will function and look similar on all Windows 10 PCs, tablets as well as future Windows 10 smartphones. The newly designed app features an excellent user interface that integrates Windows 10 features an optimal navigation model.

The new Netflix app is made available for all the supported countries and languages. Once logged into Netflix, you can browse through categories vertically and scroll horizontally to navigate through each category. If you click or tap on a particular title, it will display a detailed page that will highlight summary of the title you have selected. If the title you have selected is a movie, the page will include a large photo, cast members and information about other related titles you might find interesting. If it is a TV show, then you will find links to all the episodes of a particular season, you can also switch to a different season.

You can pin Netflix app to Windows 10 Start menu and the app will turn into a live tile. This will show the titles in continue watching list and you don’t need to start the full app, it allows you to start from where you had left off last time.

Netflix app harnesses full features of Windows 10 and can take cues from Cortana and it will bring up your search and launch it. The new edition of the app adjusts its layout to the display size of the device.

Netflix App for Mobile pulled from Windows Store, Desktop UWP App Remains

Netflix has removed its app for Windows 10 mobile phone from the Windows Store and is no longer available for download. The app for Windows 8 is still available and can be downloaded. It supports 10 languages. Once the app is downloaded, you will see the logo on the screen. You just tap on the logo and it will direct you to the Netflix site. It has very easy to use interface. The UWP Netflix app for Windows PCs which was launched in December last year is available for download.

Change This New Netflix Settings If You Don’t Want the App to use Up All Your Cellular Data

Netflix can consume a lot of cellular data for streaming videos and if you don’t have an unlimited data plan or are not on Wi-Fi, you can run short of data soon. You should keep in mind that three hours of video streaming can chomp 2 GB data. You can make a setting for data saving through the new Netflix app. How to make the setting is shown below.

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