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Netflix HD Plan Cost 2019 - High Definition Resolution Streaming Browser Settings


Netflix HD Plan Cost and Browser Settings

Netflix HD streaming browser settings/upgrade 2019: You are back home and in a good mood to watch Netflix movie. It is clearly indicated the movie you want to watch is available in HD format, but when you play it, you are disappointed that you don’t get good video quality. Actually, there are many who feels so. Though Netflix is offering titles in HD, there are certain other aspects you need to consider. Here we will discuss on Netflix HD plan cost 2019 and high definition resolution streaming browser settings or setup. You can contact on their support number for more query.

Netflix HD Plan Cost 2017

You can take certain steps to ensure that you get best Netflix experience.

Browser Limits 

Netflix offers high definition TV at 1080p. Every browser doesn’t support high definition video streams. Three popular web browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web can stream up to 720p.

Internet Explorer, Safari browser running on Mac OS X 10.10.3 or higher can stream full HD 1080p. But again the picture quality you get on your web browser is dependent on internet speed.

Make sure that you use a right browser to stream and watch Netflix HD.

Streaming through Netflix mobile app, Roku 4 and Amazon Fire TV support HD and Ultra HD format.

Network Connection and Internet Speed

5 Mbps is recommended to stream high definition video. And so you have to ensure that your internet connectivity offers 5 Mbps.

You also need to check “Allow HD” in the video player and ensure that your account’s Playback Settings is set to “High.”  To make playback settings,

When you have checked that you have the right plan, the next thing you can do is tweak Netflix’s setting options. To check setting options,
Sign in to your account.

Go to the “Your Profile” section. You will find the Playback Settings. You will see four different setting options as shown.

Netflix hd streaming browser settings

Low: If you select this option, it uses about 0.3 GB per hour.  It will provide low-quality video. This option can be set if you have low-speed internet connectivity or limited data plan.

Medium: It uses 0.7 GB per hour. You can get medium quality streaming for standard definition content at this speed.

High: This option is to be selected to her HD content. Depending upon your network, it could be from 3 GB per hour for basic 720p streaming and up to 7 GB per hour which is required for ultra-HD streaming.

Auto: Auto option will set usage automatically to provide stable streaming according to network connection and internet speed. You might have to compromise with the quality.

Netflix Plan and Settings 

Netflix provides different plans. Make sure that you have the right plan that offers HD content.

You might be using high-speed internet connection, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting adequate downstream speed. You can go to website and check the downstream speed you are getting. If you are not getting enough speed, you can take certain measures.

Internet speed: You make sure that you have subscribed to internet plan that promises right speed to meet your needs.

Data Cap: you take a data plan that fulfills your streaming requirement. You refer to Netflix how much data will be needed for video streaming. Usually, 3 GB data is consumed for one hour of HD content and 7 GB of data is consumed for one hour of Ultra HD.

Internet Bandwidth: Many ISPs provide certain data plan with unlimited data cap but at a limited speed. Such types of plans are not ideal for video streaming. Usually, 5 Mbps speed is recommended for HD content and 25 Mbps is recommended for ultra HD.

While taking a plan, you also have to consider that your connection will be used on various devices for different purposes simultaneously. And again other members in the house will also be using the network connection. Keeping all the factors in mind, 50 Mbps bandwidth is considered a good plan.

The Gear: Once you decide on the right plan, you also check that you have right gears that include a modem, cable, Wi-Fi router etc. Wired Ethernet connection is more reliable. If required, you need to upgrade your home network.

Take right measures to stream Netflix HD and enjoy the best video streaming experience!

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