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Netflix Phone Number - Technical Customer Service Support, Live Chat & Email Address


1. How to contact Netflix for any query, complaint or support
2. Call Netflix
3. Write letter
4. Contact through social media
5. Take help of Live chat
6. Review Help Center page of Netflix

How to contact Netflix for any query, complaint or support

Netflix is a popular name when it comes to video streaming online. Along with the online service, Netflix also provides telephone assistance. The excellence parameters that Netflix has set, has inspired many others too, to come up to that level. Here we will discuss on Netflix phone number, technical customer service support, live chat and Email address. It is one of the largest of its type and has come up as a champion in its industry.

Netflix Phone Number & Chat

It has gain popularity due to the best service it provides. Its customers are increasing and its online customer service is available 24x7 so that the user is free to call them anytime when he faces any problem.

Netflix makes it a point that no user faces any problem regarding email login, lost password or any other technical problems. It has a knowledgeable and expert team that is ready to guide the customers whenever needed. Netflix offers best instant support for all your queries.

The company has highest numbers of clients and offer best quality services all the time. Netflix customer care number gives 24x7/265 services and Netflix technical support number -1-844-745-1520, 24x7.

One is free to get answers to various queries from the company. There are many means through which one can contact Netflix. Let’s have a look at the possible ways to contact Netflix representative.

One can contact Netflix through following ways:

  1. Call Netflix
  2. Write letter
  3. Contact through social media
  4. Take help of Live chat
  5. Review Help Center Page of Netflix

Let us discuss these ways in detail.

1. Call Netflix

a) You can call Netflix as existing customer:

  • If you are already a Netflix user and owe an account, then you can call customer service representative anytime. The service is available 24x7. The contact number for the same is 1-800-585-7265.  
  • If you need to contact Netflix fast then log into your account and click on the Contact Us link present at the bottom of the page and click Call Us. Now you will be given service code and also be given the waiting time for the same.
  • Netflix technical support number is 1-844-745-1520. They are ready to solve all your queries. With the increasing cyber threat, hacks and other malware, the assistance by Netflix comes as a boon. All issues are solved by the experts.

b) Calling Netflix as a potential customer:

  • If you want to subscribe to Netflix service but have many doubts and query then you can call on their number- 1-866-579-7172

2. Write letter

a) If you wish to write a letter of complaint, appreciation or query, you can send it to the address-Netflix, 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032. This is the address of Los Gatos, CA headquarter.

3. Contact through social media

a) Contact through Facebook:

Contacting through Facebook is a good option for some casual queries. First of all like Netflix official page on Facebook. By doing so you cannot send them direct questions but can post comments on the updates posted by the company. It is good in responding to casual queries in this manner.

b) Contact through Twitter

If you have a Twitter account, contacting Netflix is very easy.
  • For your general chat and Netflix News, you can use @netflix for the U.S., @NetflixBrasil for Brazil and @Netflix_CA for Canada.
  • @NetflixLAT for Latin America, @NetflixUK for the UK and Ireland.
  • Twitterhandle@Netflixhelps is useful for customer support.A representative is available from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time, to respond to your tweets

4. Take help of Live chat

This is the best option when you face problem in your account. You can chat online with real life customer service representative. This happens through instant messaging. Firstly, log into your Netflix account and click on Contact Us. Here you will have an option of Start Live Chat. As soon as you click it you will be informed the name of the representative, you will be talking to. Type your query or question in the chat box and you will be replied instantly.

5. Review Help Center page of Netflix

Before contacting Netflix, it is always better to review their help center page. You can find written solutions to many common problems that people face with the site. One can access this page by clicking on the "Support" link present right at the bottom of the home page.
  • You can use the Netflix Knowledge base to search for a problem you may have using key words or phrases.
  • You can also use Common Actions to find some of the common problems people face and solutions to solve them. Topics like updating email addresses, passwords and account information are covered here.
  • You can take help of Trending Help Topics to find topics that are popular and their solutions. Topics like parental controls, managing Netflix accounts on multiple devices and connection difficulties are addressed here.
Netflix is undoubtedly one stop destination for video streaming. The assistance it provides is good too. Contacting Netflix is very easy and can be done in any of the ways mentioned above. Whether you are an existing user or want to be one the online support as well as the assistance on call are ready for you. The well trained and experienced staff is at your service 24x7.

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